Ideas List - Colorado Wedding Favors for 2016

March 20, 2016

Ideas List - Colorado Wedding Favors for 2016

Are you searching for unique favors and gift ideas for an upcoming Colorado wedding Then let's get down to the nitty gritty: here are our top favorite products for weddings and the reasons we think they're awesome.

And of course, these aren't the only products we have in stock - feel free to contact us at for a full price list & more detail.

Bottled Water

We love the idea of welcoming guests to their hotel room with a refreshing bottle of Colorado Spring water. El Dorado Springs and Aspen Pure Rocky Mountain Water are both excellent locally made options.

Lip Balm

Colorado has a very dry climate that takes some visitors by surprise! Help them out by hooking them up with moisturizing lip balm. One of our favorites is Blood Orange Peppermint lip balm by Verbena Skincare, from Boulder. There are other flavor options, as you can see in the below image, and we stock other brands as well if you'd like to branch out!

Colorado Made Lip Balm

Unique Snacks

Show off the quirky side of Colorado with unique snacks you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else. One example we're loving thse days are popped lotus seeds. Their taste is a lot like buttery popcorn, but they're so interesting and different. Definitely a snack that most people haven't tried before!

 Unique Colorado Made Snack

Striking Snacks

We're big fans of these hand-painted chocolates, and customer always remark on how lovely they are! They're a definite favorite around here. They are delicious as well as beautiful - there's a tiny bit of sea salt on the bottom of each bite. Available in packs of four or ten.

Colorado Made Chocolate

Keepsake Jam

One of our most popular products are these peach preserves made with Palisade peaches and Colorado Whiskey. You can't get more local than that! They are now available in small travel sizes (perfect for guests flying home). Or, if you're interested in working with us to create your own custom flavor of jam, complete with a label designed with your names & special date, we can do that too! Contact us for more info at

Colorado keepsake Jam for wedding

Tiny Sweet Treats

Last but not least, consider Helliemae's salted caramels for your guests. These individually wrapped squares of dark buttery goodness spiked with sea salt are addictive. Boxes will run you $10 each, so we usually recommend buying in bulk then sharing a little handful in each guest's welcome gift.



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