Ways to Use Tequila Jalapeno Deliciousness

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Tequila Jalapeno Deliciousness is a spicy spin on traditional preserves.  It's fresh, citrusy, and bright with a slow burn thanks to plenty of freshly squeezed orange and lime juice, tons of plump jalapenos, and Boulder-made Suerte Tequila. These preserves are like a ray of bright sunshine - they'll liven things up wherever you use them. 

It is available in our spicy-themed Hot Springs Box, or individually in our Marketplace.

My favorite ways to use Tequila Jalapeno Deliciousness right now: 

Tequila Jalapeno Deliciousness

  1. Shaken in a cocktail. Like this one. Feel free to swap the gin for tequila!
  2. Replace 1 tsp agave with Tequila Jalapeno Deliciousness in this Agave Margarita for some kick.  Amazing! 
  3. As a glaze for grilled shrimp & chicken. Here's a recipe for grilled glazed chicken, to give you an idea of how it's done.
  4. Brush it on bacon to make candied bacon. Here's a recipe to use as a guide.
  5. Spread on a grilled cheese sandwich.
  6. Use it to make a dip, like this one.
  7. On a quesadilla.
  8. On cornbread with butter.
  9. Together with pulled pork in the slow cooker.  Or as a condiment on a pulled pork sandwich.
  10. With crackers and cream cheese.
  11. Shake it up in a basic vinaigrette to transform your dressing into something special

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