Modern Denver Gift Baskets - Our Spin on the Classic

Posted on September 25, 2015 by Dulcie Wilcox | 1 Comment

We've been hard at work searching the city of Denver to find the very best artisan made products for our modern take on the Colorado gift basket. And here it is! We're super proud of it.  We also stock a slightly smaller Denver gift box, which you can find here.

From dark, rich, flavorful salted caramels to handmade sriracha to award winning peach preserves - this collection is sure to make a good impression and is one of the best ways to share a piece of Denver with clients, family, and friends. We're always keeping a lookout for fresh, new products to share with you, and this collection features some of our favorites! As always, every product we stock is extremely high quality and well made. You won't find any filler products here. Learn more below...Deluxe Denver Gift Basket

Whiskey Peach Deliciousness is a customer favorite and it's no wonder why. Glowing orange, flecked with vanilla bean seeds, and scented with bitter almond and locally distilled whiskey - it's heady, complex, and brings your morning toast to a whole new level. It sells out every year, so grab it while you can!

Chile Crunch is an addictive cult-favorite condiment. It's filled with real chilies and pieces of crunch garlic that add tons of flavor. Once you try it you'll wonder how you lived without it. Here's a list of my 13 favorite ways to enjoy it.

Helliemae's Salted Caramels are not your average caramels. Made with tons of organic cream and butter, they're cooked until they are very dark and almost bitter, then infused with delicious sea salt. These are probably the first thing that will disappear from the gift basket!

The Black Squirrel Deluxe Granola is packed with the good stuff (maple syrup, nuts, and real coconut oil) and the JoJo's Sriracha is vibrant and flavorful. Not to mention spicy. And both were recently highlighted by 5280 Magazine as local favorites! 

And of course the Counter Couture Colorado tea towel and the Colorado Crafted Market Tote Bag will last, even when the last of the food has disappeared!

Deluxe Denver Gift Basket

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modern gift hampers
modern gift hampers

March 18, 2016

These five food items will look a simply amazing in the tote bag. It seems to be a modern and classy gift hamper. Tea towel addition made it more interesting.

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