A Round-Up of Savory Artisan Products

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We've been hard at work over the past year, curating some amazing savory snacks and products.  These gems sometimes get overlooked in favor of their sweet cousins, so we thought we'd do everyone a favor and shine a spotlight on these not-to-be missed artisan products.


Olive Tapenade.

This rich spread is a blend of three different types of olives - kalamata, black, and green - combined with a hint of spice.  Handcrafted in Boulder, CO by Don Estevan.  Tapenade can be found in these boxes. 

Sea Salt & Vinegar Chips.  

Crisp, salty, and tangy - these potato chips are made in Durango, Colorado.  We stock gorgeous tri-color potato chips when they're in season during the winter months. Sea Salt & Vinegar Chips can be found in these boxes.

Garlic Dry Sausages.

Flavorful dry sausages are infused with generous amounts of garlic then dried in the traditional way, using only salt and air. Garlic Dry Sausages can be found in these boxes.


A blend of savory, thyme, rosemary, lavender, and basil. These dry herbs are combined with damp grey sea salt, then packed. The damp salt makes the dried herbs bloom with flavor and preserves them wonderfully! HerbSalt can be found in these boxes.

Grumpy's Black Label BBQ Sauce.

We love this BBQ sauce - full of flavor and not too sweet. This award-winning recipe is a blend of cracked black, cayenne, and habanero peppers make a fiery sauce. BBQ Sauce can be found in these boxes.

Chile Crunch.  

If you love spice, add this amazing condiment to your must try list.  It's a totally unique blend of crispy blend of peppers, garlic and onion - suspended in oil.  Chile Crunch can be found in these boxes

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