Denver Gifts - Our Top 11 Picks

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We specialize in finding new and interesting Colorado-made products, and so many of our favorites happen to be made in Denver! So we thought it was high time that we pull together a list of our top 11 Denver Gifts. They're 100% made in Denver and range from iconic jam to screenprinted tea towels and a deck of 14er playing cards!

We also have four gift baskets that are filled exclusively with Denver-made products. Learn more about our Denver Gift Baskets here, if you're in the market for a great gift that makes it easy to share the best of Denver!

And, as always, if you're interested in working with us to build your own gift collection of Denver-made goodies just drop us an email at and we'll send you our Custom Order Form.

Now let's talk about our favorite Denver-made products!

1. Chile Crunch

Uniquely spicy and savory, think of this is a super flavorful hot sauce flecked with golden bits of crispy fried garlic. Our top two ways to use Chile Crunch: topping avocado toast, or spooned over hummus and enjoyed via dipping veggies and pita chips. Gift collections that include Chile Crunch.

Denver-made Chile Crunch Hot Sauce

 2. Red Camper Whiskey Peach Deliciousness

This iconic Denver-made jam is always a customer favorite. It's made with Paonia peaches and flecked with real vanilla bean seeds, scented with bitter almond and locally distilled whiskey. Don't miss out on this one! Shop collections that include Deliciousness.

Iconic Denver-made Whiskey Peach Jam

 3. Counter Couture Tea Towel & 4. Peak Playing Cards

These two are both well designed, high quality products that make for ideal Colorado souvenirs or keepsakes. The Peak Playing Cards feature a cool graphic representation of each 14er in Colorado, and the tea towel shows where your heart is in 100% cotton. They're paired together in our I Love Colorado Box (alongside our Colorado mug), and also available in small boutique shops around Denver.  

Denver-made Gift Basket

5. Black Squirrel Deluxe Granola

This granola really is deluxe - it's packed with the good stuff rather than filler: nuts, real maple syrup, and coconut oil. It's just as good as a snack directly from the bag, as it is in a bowl with milk or yogurt. You know it's good when it's on the room service menu at the Four Seasons Denver! Available in these gift boxes, or directly via the Black Squirrel website. 

Denver-made Granola


6. Hand-Painted Chocolate by Veree Chocolate

These unique chocolates are so lovely. They're solid, smooth dark chocolate mini-bars, each painted or splattered with a beautiful abstract pattern. They always make a good impression, and of course they taste delicious too! Available in these boxes, and also in small boutiques around Denver.

Denver-made Chocolate

7. Helliemae's Sea Salt Caramels

Truly addictive -- you can't beat the combination of butter, sugar, and salt. They're deeply caramelized for a hint of sophisticated bitterness. Available in a box and a smaller satchel (pictured below). This is one of our most requested products, and it's no wonder why. Available in these gift baskets, or in a myriad of packaging options & flavors via Helliemae's website directly

Satchel of Helliemae salted caramels, made in Denver


8. Jojo's Green Chile Sriracha

This flavorful hot sauce shows off some of Colorado's best! It features a blend of local jalapenos, poblanos, and ahaheim chiles. Bright, tangy, and very flavorful - we've become big fans of this stuff! Available in these Colorado Gift Baskets, or directly via Jojo's website.

Denver-made Green Chile Sriracha

9. Floral Bath Soak & 10. Botanical Facial Steam by Whole Apothecary

Whole Apothecary does everything we love. She's passionate about making great products and everything she touches is just so lovely - from design to the contents of each package! The Floral Bath Soak is filled with Dead Sea & pink Himalayan salt along with rose petals and dehydrated coconut milk for moisture. The Botanical Facial Steam is packed with colorful blend of flowers and herbs - it's like a detoxifying sauna for your face. Available in gift baskets in our Bath & Body section, as well as directly from the Whole Apothecary website

Denver-made Bath Soak

Denver made Botanical Facial Steam

 11. Denver Cheddar Popcorn by Kettle Head

 A little savory, a little sweet - we can't help but love this flavorful popcorn from Denver. No artificial colors or flavors make this addictive snack even more appealing! Available in these Colorado gift baskets, or over on the Kettle Head website.

Denver Cheddar Popcorn 

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