Artisan Profile: Brett from Light Provisions

Learn more about Brett, owner and founder of the candle company Light Provisions. We are crazy about his design aesthetic and sophisticated scents, and now you can get a peek into his behind the scenes, favorite local artisans, and more!


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Artisan Spotlight: Trish of New Beat Foods

Learn more about Trish Kurnik, owner and founder of New Beat Foods - a line of delicious gluten free quinoa crackers that is based in Longmont, CO. Get a sneak peak into her behind-the-scenes, motivations, favorite local spots, and more. 

Trish @ New Beat Foods

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Artisan Spotlight: Cordelia of Formulary 55

Learn more about Cordelia, the founder of Formulary 55, a line of beautiful Colorado-made bath and body products. She gives us a peek into her world by answering a few of our favorite questions in this blog post. 

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Behind the Scenes with RedCamper

We sat down with Maura of RedCamper to learn more about how she got started, artisans she admires, and her favorite local stuff. Read on!

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Artisan Spotlight: Modern Gingham

Modern Gingham preserves are one of the first products we discovered and got excited about when we started out with Colorado Crafted.

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Artisan Spotlight: Clare of District Butter Co.

One of our newest products is super fresh, flavorful nut butter by District Butter Co. We instantly fell in love with this product: from its well designed label to its ingredient list of simple whole foods, this nut butter shows off everything we love in a product. It is incredibly smooth and rich with a subtle hint of natural sweetness (yet it contains no sugar or honey)!  We love it on toast, in smoothies and crepes, or straight from the spoon.

We met up with Clare in her kitchen space at Black Eye Coffee in Denver to watch the magic happen and learn a bit more about her philosophy.

>> Find District Butter Co's Walnut Cinnamon Butter in the Timberline Box, and the Chocolate Almond Butter (featuring Ritual Chocolate!) in our Marketplace.

How I Got Started::
Starting this almond butter company sort of happened over night. I just recently received my certificate in Health Coaching, and during school I got really good at experimenting in the kitchen and learning how to make most things myself... almond milk, crispy golden beet chips, kale chips, dips/sauces, etc. One of those things was almond butter. Turns out I liked it way more than what I was buying in any stores, so when my friend gave me the idea to sell it, I called a few friends who own some shops around town and the demand for a local nut butter turned out to be quite high! 

What I Love Most and What Have I Created::
There are so many things that I love about making almond butter. There are so many different variations to try out all the time, and it is a really clean product. I like to use coconut oil in most of my nut butters because not only do you get some really healthy fats in there, but it creates a really creamy consistency. All of my nut butters have a really nice hint of sea salt that hits your palate at the end of each bite. My favorite flavor, and the one that seems to be the most popular, is the Walnut Almond Cinnamon. The walnut flavor is subtle and I must say it's quite addictive. 

When I moved here::
I am a yoga teacher and Thai Massage Therapist, so when I make almond butter it gives me the chance to step away from all that energy exchange. I get to drink a cup of coffee, turn on some music, and make as many batches as I want. Friends like to come and visit too which makes it even better! I moved to Colorado from Baltimore 4 years ago to see what kind of life I could make, and new and interesting things keep happening which makes my experience so fun. Making almond butter is just one of them.


I am a HUGE fan of Denver's local artisans. There is such a strong locavore community, and everybody is really supportive of each other. I collaborated with Ritual Chocolate to make a Chocolate Almond Butter that turns out to be so delicious. Anna and Robbie over at Ritual are doing something really special and so I love working with people who have a similar goal in mind. This nut butter is simply chocolate, almonds, and sea salt. Yum.

I've got a lot of ideas for new nut butters all the time, but right now I am really enjoying the process and loving each step. 

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Artisan Spotlight: Tuffy Kickshaw's Sweetly Covered Corn

Here's one product that we consistently hear raving customer feedback about: Tuffy Kickshaw's Sweetly Covered Corn. 

It's a gourmet spin on caramel corn, and it is nothing like the traditional caramel-corn-in-a big-tin you've probably tried before.  Julie Ciezadlo's (owner & founder) sweetly covered corn is carefully made by hand using only the highest quality ingredients, and the flavors she comes up with are innovative and delicious.  Our go-to flavor is the Whiskey Brown Butter Caramel Corn: to make it, Julie uses locally distilled Stranahan's whiskey alongside toasty browned butter and lots of caramel goodness.  It's addicting!

Tuffy Kickshaw popcorn - Artisan Profile

We asked Julie a few questions so you could get to know her a bit and learn more about the amazing  product she's creating. You can find Tuffy Kickshaw products in these Colorado Crafted boxes.

Artisan Spotlight: Tuffy Kickshaw Sweetly Covered Corn

Tell us the story of how you got started.

I got started with Tuffy Kickshaw in 2011, a few years after I graduated culinary school.  I wanted to become a pastry chef but never got anything off the ground.  I made some caramel corn for the first time for a girls' weekend.  Everyone loved it and when I got home I started thinking about other flavors of caramel corn that I could make.  It was like a light bulb turned on for me...I quickly wrote down a whole page of possible flavors and I knew I had a great idea for a business.  It has gone from 0 to 60 since then.

Tell us a little bit about what makes your products unique and interesting?
I think what makes my product unique and interesting is the love and care that I put into it.  Caramel corn is nostalgic for many people and it's been around forever, but it can be so run of the mill.  Most companies use cheap ingredients, toss it in a can, and this is what people are used to.  My flavors are creative and fun, I use the best ingredients possible, I pour my heart and soul into my product, and it's pretty tasty (from what I am told)!

What part of this do you love most, and what’s your favorite thing you’ve created?
The part I love most is the creative process of coming up with new flavors.  Coming up with next season's menu is definitely a highlight for me.  I also love to see the excited reaction of someone at an event who is not expecting to like a sample of my corn.  After all (let's be honest), food makers are really just in it for the adoration they receive when someone loves their food!  :)

Are there any other Colorado artisans that you’re into right now?

The small food/craft business scene in Colorado is amazing right now.  It's an exciting place to be and I am so proud to be a part of it.  People on the outside have no idea how much talent, intelligence, and hard work is going on with these businesses.  There are so many Colorado artisans I love...too many to mention, though I am kind of excited about Dead Dog Chocolate right now.  Amazing flavors and their bean to bar chocolate is too cool.  


the making of Tuffy Kickshaw popcorn

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