Sawtooth Box

The Sawtooth Box is a delicious mix of meats, spicy sauces, and snacks!

This collection includes: 

  • Blonde Beard's IPA Buffalo Sauce: Made with Boulder's Upslope IPA!
  • Green Belly Hot Sauce: Hot and spicy, Green Belly uses loads of organic cilantro and garlic to give its hot sauce a fresh, herby flavor. 
  • Jamie's Jerky: Organic 100% grass-fed beef.
  • Bubba's Snack Mix: This gluten-free snack mix has a zesty flavor we love.
  • Wild Zora BBQ Beef Bar: These protein-packed bars are made with only the highest quality grass-fed beef alongside tomato, peppers, and kale to create a delicious and healthy snack.

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