Bear Creek Tote

We've updated our best-selling Bear Creek to include a few new products as well as all the old favorites. This tote is filled to the brim with some of the best small batch treats and snacks from around Colorado!

This collection is packed in our Signature Market Tote and includes:
Panza Sticks: Chocolate sea salt cookie sticks.
Too Haute Cowgirl Fleur de Sel Popcorn
Bubba's Snack Mix: Yum! A totally tasty savory twist on the traditional snack mix (and this one is gluten-free and grain-free).
Wild Zora Bar: Two protein-packed bars made in Ft Collins.
Jamie's Jerky: Small-batch organic grass-fed beef jerky.
Byte Bar: The So Extra Bar is an energy bar studded with chocolate chunks.
Peteybird Hot Cocoa: Sweet and creamy mix for two piping hot mugs of hot chocolate.
On Tap Honey Mustard Pretzel Bites: Big bites of flavorful pretzels! Perfect with a cold beer or any time.
New Beat Crackers: Discover what makes these best-selling crackers so good. 
Hammond's Candies: Hammond's puts their spin on the trailmix classic with the Trailblazer Snack Mix.
Hammond's Candies: Eat these Vanilla Bean Marshmallows as a snack or use them to upgrade your cup of cocoa.
Altitude Snacks: A nutritious blend of fruit and nuts that is perfect for the trail.

All these items are made in small batches with limited availability. If necessary, we may make substitutions.