Colorado Wedding Favors and Welcome Boxes

Colorado is the perfect place for a destination wedding, and our collections, favors, and gift boxes are a great way to share the best locally made artisanal products with friends and family who have traveled to celebrate your special day.

We can work with you to create boxes full of snacks, treats, and Colorado essentials to welcome guests to their hotels. We also have numerous options available for wedding favors, as well as larger gifts for your maid of honor or anyone else who's helped you pull together your big day.

Want to see a few pictures of some of our favorite wedding favors before you email us? Check out this blog post! 

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Read on for answers to common questions and frequently requested information:

Can I create a custom a box to fit my budget needs?

Absolutely! If you'd like, check out our current boxes to get an idea of the sorts of products we procure. Think about your goal price point. We also have a new custom order form that lists all our products plus their price points. We'd be happy to email it to you, just get in touch at

Can you customize colors?

Definitely. Our standard colors are teal, black, and white, and we'd be happy to work with you to incorporate your wedding colors.

Can you include personal notes or welcome information?

Yes, we can. Each box includes a gift note printed on our own stationary. We can work with you to include your own personalized note cards, handwritten cards, instructions or directions, photos, a list your favorite spots for wedding guests to visit during their stay, and much more.

Can you deliver to the hotel where my guests are staying?

Yes, we can deliver to hotels and resorts in the greater Denver area for a small flat fee.

Can you include things like a bottle of water, sunscreen, lip balm, or other essentials for Colorado visitors?

Yes, we love this idea. Colorado's climate can be a surprise to out-of-town guests, and we're happy to source special products like this for you.