Colorado Crafted

Colorado Flour Bouquet 3


This gift box was created in collaboration with Boulder's Dry Storage Mill, and was designed with chefs and bakers in mind. Freshly milled flour is akin to produce or wine: alive, nuanced, and expressive of terroir. Like any ingredient, it’s best fresh...and that's exactly what we're working together to bring to you this holiday season!

This collection of 3 freshly stone-milled flours will elevate any baked good with their nuanced flavor profiles. Using only Colorado-grown grains, these three flours are the most accessible and versatile, making them the ideal way to play around with artisan flours, incorporating them into memorable baked goods and dishes. 

The Flour Bouquet 3 contains three 400g bags of stone-milled flour and 5 recipe ideas:

  • White Sonora
  • Yecora Rojo
  • Winter Langin

Chef-tested recipes included in this box include:

  • Winter Langin Cavatelli Pasta
  • White Sonora Drop Biscuits
  • White Sonora Pancakes
  • White Sonora Scones
  • Yecora Rojo Muffins

More about Dry Storage:

Dry Storage is a Mill located in Boulder, Colorado and works to bring you the absolute best grains and flours that are more nutritional, flavorful and supportive of our grain and farming communities.