Colorado Crafted

Colorado Flour Bouquet 6


This gift box was created in collaboration with Boulder's Dry Storage Mill, and was designed with chefs and bakers in mind. Freshly milled flour is akin to produce or wine: alive, nuanced, and expressive of terroir. Like any ingredient, it’s best fresh...and that's exactly what we're working together to bring to you this holiday season!

This collection of 6 freshly stone-milled flours will elevate any baked good with their nuanced flavor profiles. Using only Colorado-grown wheats, it's our largest Dry Storage gift and is the perfect way to sample a wide variety of freshly milled flours to compare their flavor profiles and bake some very memorable goodies.

The Colorado Flour Bouquet 6 contains six 400g bags of stone-milled flour and 10 recipe ideas:

  • White Sonora
  • Yecora Rojo
  • Winter Langin
  • Rouge de Bordeaux
  • Spelt
  • Rye

Chef-tested recipes included with this box:

  • Winter Langin Cavatelli Pasta
  • White Sonora Drop Biscuits
  • White Sonora Pancakes
  • White Sonora Scones
  • Yecora Rojo Muffins
  • Rouge or Yecora Banana Bread
  • Rouge de Bordeaux Pie Crust
  • Rye Brownies
  • Rye Crackers
  • Spelt Sugar Cookies

More about Dry Storage:

Dry Storage is a Mill located in Boulder, Colorado and works to bring you the absolute best grains and flours that are more nutritional, flavorful and supportive of our grain and farming communities.