Stickergiant X Meals on Wheels Box

Longmont-based Stickergiant has a long history of community outreach and supporting local charities, so we asked if they wanted to partner on a box that gives back to our community. We were thrilled to get an enthusiastic "Yes"! 

For every box sold, we will be donating 10% to Longmont Meals on Wheels, a venerable non-profit that works to address senior hunger and isolation. 

This collection was curated by Stickergiant, and includes: 

  • Peteybird Rocky Mountain Hot Cocoa (Denver)
  • Colorado Map Watercolor Tea Towel (Longmont)
  • Hammond's Vanilla Bean Marshmallows (Denver)
  • Black Colorado Peak Coffee Mug (Longmont)
  • Colorado Pennant Sticker (Longmont)
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