Discover Local Colorado

Five New Colorado-Made Gift Ideas

We're always on the lookout for new brands and new products in Colorado. Here are five of our favorite most recent discoveries! Enjoy.

Backyard Soda Co's line of Simple Syrups
So many good options here for cocktail making. Some of our favorites are Lime Basil, Lemon Rosemary, and Ginger Lime. Find them here. 
The ginger lime in particular would be an awesome addition to this Paloma cocktail.
Counter Couture's Line of Market Bags. 
We especially love this Polar Bear design. The shoulder strap makes it a bit nicer to use vs. the more typical two handled bag design. Find them here.
Remy & Rose 
These soaps are so beautiful - each one is like a work of art! We can't decide if we'd rather try the swirled black raspberry vanilla soap or the honeycomb designed almond & honey goat's milk soap. There are so many others, too.  Don't miss this brand! Find them here.
Craftsmen & Apprentice drop in Tinker Classes
This workshop gives you (or your kid) access and guidance to play with tools, materials, and art supplies. Create something unique, or take a guided class and learn how to craft something specific - a recent class made handcrafted slingshots.
Here's their schedule of classes & interesting happenings. A great concept in a beautiful space! 
Knotty Tie
Check out Knotty Tie for their custom made neckties, bow ties, scarves, and pocket squares. Work with them to design your own unique piece. We love this one