About Our Colorado Gift Baskets

Modern Colorado Gift Baskets.

The products we offer are presented in our signature modern packaging - a stylish alternative to traditional baskets overflowing with cellophane and extraneous packaging.

Exceptional. Handcrafted. Delicious.

Our modern gift baskets are exclusive collections of the finest foods made in Colorado. We've combed the state to find the very best artisan products that are delicious, beautifully designed, and carefully created by individuals who truly care about their craft. We don't include products in our boxes simply because they were made in Colorado - we seek out foods that are created with exacting attention to detail and quality that's unmatched.

Small Batch, Only the Best.

The products we offer are made in very small batches, so they're typically not available at supermarkets. To uncover these gems you'd need to drive around the state visiting every farmer's stand and small boutique market. We've done the leg work for you to pull together the most exciting and one-of-a-kind foods our state has produced. Colorado Crafted boxes make excellent gifts, but they are also perfect for anyone who wants to treat themselves to a sampling of exceptional foods.

Our offerings change continually as we discover new artisans and products, as well as create limited edition offerings that change with the seasons. Keep up to date on our latest by joining our newsletter or following us on Facebook.

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