About Colorado Crafted

Hello! Welcome to Colorado Crafted - we're a local business that specializes in finding the best products made by small businesses in Colorado and bringing them together into one online shop.

Why? So our customers can easily combine all their favorite local products into unique Colorado gifts. We like to think we're kind of like shopping the Denver Flea or Firefly...from the comfort of your own home.

Nice to Meet You.

Now a little bit more about us. First there’s me, Sarah (the one on the left). You should know right away that I’m not a Colorado Native...sorry. I’m from Minnesota originally, then I moved to Seattle, and then after almost 10 years of gray skies I made my way to Colorado. And I love it here! Some of my favorite things include: 
  • bicycling (I did a year long bicycle tour for my honeymoon in 2007!)
  • traveling (I'm a huge fan of HomeExchange.com...ask me about it, I could talk for hours)
  • hiking and snowshoeing
  • cats
I also take care of all the customer communications around here, so if you ever place an order or have a question, chances are you’ll be chatting with me.

Next is Dulcie. She’s not a Colorado Native either. She’s a preppy East-coaster from upstate New York… Schenectady to be exact. She loves:
She's cooler than me, as you can see. Dulcie is the detail oriented one, she takes care of all things warehouse related, as well as the photography and design of everything we do. And you might NEVER get to talk to her…unless I’m on vacation. lol.

More About Colorado Crafted

We're often asked, how did we start Colorado Crafted? 
Here's the story: Dulcie needed to send a gift to someone. She wanted it to be high quality and unique, but it also needed to have wide appeal. She searched around for a Colorado gift basket, but didn't find anything that fit with the style she was looking for. We knew there were lots of interesting new products being made in Colorado, but they weren't easily available online. Instead, you'd have to hunt them down at small markets around the state, which is a lot of work! So we decided to gather up our favorites in one spot and launch Colorado Crafted.
We started off with a case of jam by Dagstani & Sons (no longer active), some caramels by Helliemae's (no longer active), Robin Chocolates, and a few other things. We also designed and created a box to hold our gift collections...it was very labor intensive to create, but it looked good. We launched to family and friends during the holiday season of 2012 to see if we could execute on our idea - and we did! Then, we were fortunate to get some press in 5280 Magazine in February 2013. From there, we've grown each year and are still so thrilled to be doing what we're doing.
5280 Colorado Gifts

Modern Colorado Gifts & Gift Baskets

But that's enough about us. A few more facts and interesting things about what we're doing here at Colorado Crafted:

  • Our selection of unique-to-Colorado snacks and treats offers mass appeal but everything is super local which keeps it special at the same time. 
  • We now carry 100+ different products - from luxurious spa products to souvenirs to a wide array of carefully curated edible goodies and gourmet foods.
  • We're constantly searching the state to find the very best artisan products that are delicious, beautifully designed, and carefully created by individuals who truly care about their craft. We don't include products in our boxes simply because they were made in Colorado - we seek out local products that are created with exacting attention to detail and quality that's unmatched.
  • We're 100% woman owned, and over 50% of our vendors are also woman-owned businesses.
  • We source our packaging materials locally as well!

Our offerings change continually as we discover new artisans and products, as well as create limited edition offerings that change with the seasons. Keep up to date on our latest by joining our newsletter or following us on Instagram and Facebook.

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