Locally Sourced Event Amenities

If you're planning an event in Colorado, we'd love to be your resource for creative locally sourced amenities, welcome gifts, VIP gifts, and more. For events both large and small, virtual or in person, we have the experience and resources to take care of your amenity needs seamlessly.

We are also able to add your custom logo to our gift boxes, help you source branded swag, and insert additional outside products as needed. Just ask!

 Colorado Event Amenities

More about what we offer:

  • We have a large product catalog of over 100 products that are made by small Colorado-based businesses, ranging from snacks to sweets to keepsakes and more.
  • We're constantly adding new things to our catalog so you can be confident our product assortment is filled with the freshest new products being made in Colorado today, alongside iconic classics and long standing customers favorites.
  • We keep plenty of product on hand at all times in our Longmont warehouse, so we're able to meet your needs quickly and effectively. 
  • We have very close relationships and tons of experience working with our vendors - we have vetted them all for high quality products as well as reliability. You won't run into any last minute surprises when you work with us!
  • If your event is on a very tight timeline or is very large, we have extensive experience and can help guide you towards the best possible locally made products to fit your needs and your timeline. 
  • We work with local couriers which means we can arrange to have your amenities delivered exactly where and when you need them without any guesswork.
Colorado Event Amenities

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