Custom Branding Options

October 30, 2018

Custom Branding Options

We work with lots of business clients, and a common question we get is "How can I add my logo to a gift?" We offer four different ways to get that job done, which we will tell you more about in this blog post (along with ballpark costs for each). And of course, email us for more information anytime at

Four Custom Branding Options:
  1. Add Your Logo to a Custom Gift Note ($35 flat rate)
  2. Add Your Logo to a Belly Band ($100 flat rate)
  3. Screenprint your Logo on the Market Tote Bag ($6 per, plus set up fee)
  4. Insert Branded Collateral or your own gift notes (free)

First, let's walk through what a client sees when they receive a Colorado Crafted gift box, step by step. We pack each gift box (or tote) into a shipper before putting it in the mail so that the contents you've selected arrive in excellent condition. When the shipper is opened, your client will see a packing slip (with no price information included; we keep this private), a beautiful postcard, and a gift note from you - all laying on top of colorful tissue paper.


Option One: Add Your Logo to a Custom Gift Note.

We offer many different gift note designs (view this blog post to see them all), but we can also print a custom gift note with your logo. This is a great place to add your logo because it is the first thing the customer sees upon opening the gift!

Flat rate of $35



Option Two: Add a Belly Band with Your Logo to the Gift Box Lid.

After removing the tissue paper and packaging material, your client will find their gift box. Our standard teal gift box features our logo on the lid, however we can add a belly band with your company's logo. Get in touch with us and we can walk you through the details and ideal dimension to make this look work for you!

Flat rate of $100 


Option Three: Screenprint your Logo on our Market Tote Bag

If you opt for our Market Tote Bag rather than a gift box, another option is to screenprint your logo onto the tote. Our logo is on one side, but then the other is typically left blank - the perfect canvas to show off your logo! 

Price: $6 per gift, note that this is for a one-color process

Last but not least comes the inside of the gift box! When your client opens the lid they'll find all the lovely Colorado-made goodies you've selected for them - artfully arranged and beautifully presented.  

Option Four: Insert Branded Collateral into a Gift Box

Price: Free!

If you are interested in having us insert branded collateral alongside our products, we are happy to do that for you.

Simply mail the products to our warehouse, where we will insert them into your gift collections as we pack. We are also happy to insert custom gift notes or cards that you have printed on your own. It's a seamless process that is so easy!

Note: conditions apply to all pricing mentioned above, just drop us a note at to chat with us about all the details you'll need to create a custom branded gift collection from Colorado!

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