Colorado Snack Box

This collection of 100% Colorado-made snacks is the perfect mix of our most popular sweet and savory nibbles. An easy way to share the highlights of Colorado with anyone you love.

This collection includes: 

  • New Beat Foods Trio Crackers: Trio Crackers, made with quinoa and seeds, are flavorful and addictively crisp.
  • Topoglow Happy Hiker Trail Mix Granola: This granola/trail mix hybrid is made with oats, cashews, dark chocolate, and dried cherries.
  • Morgan Handmade Rations Potato Chips: Colorado-grown potatoes flavored with hatch chilies and spices.
  • Bubba's Snack Mix: This gluten-free snack mix has a zesty flavor we love.
  • Nanga Mayan Almonds: Cocoa-covered almonds with a crunch.

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