Artisan Profile: Kelly of Spinster Sisters

January 27, 2021

Kelly Perkins of Spinster Sisters

It seems like everyone in Colorado has heard of Spinster Sisters! It's one of those products where, whenever I mention it as an idea to include in a gift collection, people always interject with "Oh I love Spinster Sisters stuff!" And who can argue with that; they've got a great product catalog that's absolutely packed with high quality bath and body products that are made locally with all natural ingredients. From body butter to soap to scrubs to facial care...and now hand sanitizer (thanks, 2020) - we have been big fans of Spinster Sisters for a long time, and for so many reasons. 

So, we were pretty excited to finally grab a bit of Kelly's time to learn more about her and her journey. Enjoy!

Spinster Sisters of Golden, Colorado
How did you get started? What were your first steps and how did it evolve from there?

That is a very big question.  Let’s see – I read an article back in 1993 about Triclosan, which is a super toxic chemical that is in many commercially produced skin care products.  It has been banned in other countries around the world for years, but was not banned in the US until recently.  At any rate, when I read that article I made the decision to not put those chemicals on my skin anymore.  I rode down to Boulder Bookstore and bought 3 books on how to make soap.  I started making soap as a hobby, and had a constantly rotating assortment of different scents and flavors, for many years.  Fast forward to 2008, when my husband and I were moving from Boulder to Golden – and he had to move a huge pile of soap.  He said, kind of off-handed “maybe you should try selling this”.  It seemed a little crazy to even think about, but several years later I decided, why not?  I tried dipping my toes in the craft fair/farmers market scene, and absolutely loved it.  I have made some great friends over the years with other vendors and makers.  I started getting wholesale requests, and soon it became a decision – do I keep my day job? Or do I got all in with Spinster Sisters.  Obviously I chose Spinster Sisters, and have never looked back.  This has been one of the best adventures of my life.  I work with the most amazing folks, I get to make healthy, clean products, and I get to help people.  I could not be happier. 

Behind the Scenes at Spinster Sisters in Colorado

PS – the name of the company came from many, many years ago – my first batch of soap was made while living with my sister.  We were always joking about being spinsters.  We did a holiday market at her workplace – and decided to name the company Spinster Sisters – for that one market.  When I started the company in earnest in 2012, I knew immediately what the name of the company had to be. 

Colorado made Bath & Body Products by Spinster Sisters
Tell us about the space where you make your product.

We have an approx. 8,000 sq ft warehouse in Golden, that we fondly call our Microsoapery.  For reference, this started in my basement 8 years ago, and has just grown over the years.  I have attached a photo of our warehouse – we work with Girls, Inc. of Metro Denver, as one of our favorite non-profits.  This photo is of a day spent with about 30 of the girls that were attending a summer business camp, and interested in learning about skin care.  Once of my favorite days ever, since starting the company.

Girls Inc visiting Spinster Sisters
Do you have a favorite food or lifestyle blog?

I am pretty basic, and a TERRIBLE cook.  Thankfully I married an excellent cook.  I love Smitten Kitchen though – and love to look (and drool) over their instagram feed.

What's your favorite thing that's been said about your product?

I love when people say “I have had xxxx (insert skin issue here) for years, and your products cleared it up in days”.  We use extremely clean and healthy ingredients, so it is very validating to hear when we can help our customers get through skin flair-ups or concerns.

Spinster Sisters founder Kelly Perkins
Are there any other great local artisans you're into right now?

There are so many great local artisans in Denver – Counter Couture, BuxieJo Bags, Aruby Moon, Hip Violet, Create Good Co., Mule & Magpie, Mister Christmas, Jen Starling.  I feel lucky to know these super talented people, and hope nothing but giant success for all of them

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

Sadly conference calls right out of the gate – so a piece of cheese and a giant pot of coffee today.  But my husband makes this banana bread that is absolutely out of this world.  It has a cinnamon sugar crust on top, and it is just so good.  Not good for the waistline, but so damn good for the tastebuds.

Do you have any favorite place to enjoy the beauty of your local area?

We live on the side of South Table Mountain in Golden – and we spend a lot of time up on the mesa.  It is just so peaceful up there – and hardly any people.  And the view of our little burg (Golden) is absolutely breathtaking.

South Table Mountain, Golden CO
Do you have a favorite local restaurant?

Potager.  I love everything there.  But I dream about their Pots de Crème. 

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