Field Notes: The Upper Colorado River

February 19, 2021

The Colorado River - Field Notes, by Ross Bernards

Words and Photography by Ross Bernards

I don’t think anyone can say the Colorado River isn’t a special river. It provides drinking water to most of the South Western United States. For me though, the Upper Colorado River is one of the most beautiful and surreal places in the State. There is an abundance of Bald Eagles flying overhead, you can watch deer, mountain goats, elk, and even bears living along the banks.  The water itself slowly migrates its way through canyons, red rock, and farmland until it meets up with the Eagle River en route down to Baja California. It’s the perfect area for lazy days on the river and cool nights around a campfire. 

If you know where to look you can find a lot of history along the way. Not just the history of old mining camps but the history of our planet. There are hidden fossil beds and even the ancient foot tracks of dinosaurs to be found. 

Field Notes - The Colorado River - Ross Bernards

Rafting the Colorado River - drone photography

Camping at the Colorado River - Milky Way

The Upper Colorado River - Misty morning view

The Colorado River at Sunset - Field Notes - Ross Bernards

Ross is a Colorado-based photographer. You can view more of his work here, inquire about projects, and purchase prints! Or, give a follow on instagram @rossbernards

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