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Holiday Gifting Inspiration 2023

Holiday Gifting Inspiration 2023

We think about gifts all year long, and can't help but have our fingers on the pulse of what's hot and what's not. On top of that, we know so many of our clients are looking for inspiration, so we thought we'd round up some of the top themes we're seeing in gifting for 2023.

We dabbled in using Chat GPT to help brainstorm these ideas but I have to be honest...they were so boring that I could hardly bring myself to read the entire list of 20 ideas the AI spit out. Does anyone really want a "star naming kit"??

Anyway, these are real ideas created by the human gifting experts at Colorado Crafted. We hope these concepts help inspire you! And if need help planning and executing your gifting strategy for this year, get in touch. No robots will be involved...just fill out our form and a real person will get in touch ASAP ;)

Our gifting inspiration themes for 2023 are:

  1. Seasonal Treats
  2. Sustainability
  3. Cozy Fireside Vibes
  4. Gratitude Gifts
  5. DIY and Hands-On
  6. Adventure

1. Seasonal Treats

The holidays are a traditional time for indulgence, and what makes that even more fun are the special treats that are only available during the coldest winter months. The seasonal flavor element makes this concept so different from a more typical box of chocolates, candies, and toffee. 

We fill our catalog with the special stuff - adorable penguins made of solid chocolate, lebkuchen spiced cookies, dipped oreos adorned with a sprinkle of gold, and the flavors of gingerbread, peppermint, and much more. Shop our Holiday tagged products here.

Holiday Chocolates from Colorado

2. Sustainability Focused Gifts

Gifts that incorporate reusable elements (like glass straws), compostable packaging, minimal packaging, and canvas tote bags are all trending this year. 

Our entire business is focused on being local and sustainable, so we are loving this emerging trend. Avoiding products wrapped in plastic, shipped from overseas, and padded with styrofoam is what we're all about, so if you're looking for a sustainability focused gift we would love to assist. You can shop our Sustainable flagged products here.

Gifts that focus on Sustainability


3. Cozy Fireside Vibes

Fireside cozy vibes are something we all love and look forward to enjoying during the long dark winter. Leaning in to celebrating indoor coziness is a wonderful gifting theme that's perfect for the holiday season. We recommend products like hot cocoa, tea and cookies, coasters, puzzles, and books. 

4. Gratitude Gifts

Telling your clients that you're grateful for them is such an important thoughtful gesture, and wrapping that sentiment into your gifting strategy makes it even more memorable and meaningful. Cards that say "thanks!", gratitude journals, and truly heartfelt written messages are all ways to create a gratitude focused gift.

Gratitude Gifts for corporate gifting inspiratio

 5. DIY or hands on gifts

Gifts that include a DIY or hands on creative aspect are very popular this year. Some ways to create hand on gifts include puzzles, cookie decorating kits, postcard painting kits, macrame ornament creation kits, and more. Combine a project with some tea and a snack and you've got a fun and engaging gift!

6. Adventure Gifts

Most of us in Colorado love adventures, and we live in the perfect region to make every weekend an adventure! We are loving hip bags, slings, water bottles, quirky local field guides, beanies and trucker hats, and more. An adventure theme is super fun for the right crowd, and is a great fit for Colorado-based businesses too!


And that's a wrap! If you'd like to get in touch for help with gifting projects, email us at or fill out our form.

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