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Colorado Care Packages

Colorado Care Packages

What makes the best Colorado Care Package?

Send your best to someone you care about with a Colorado Care Package. We've used our years of gifting experience to round up some of the best gifting combinations to keep in mind while creating the perfect care package. These ideas are sure to make anyone feel warm and fuzzy! So let's get to it...

  1. A Cozy Drink + Sweet Treats. A hot cup of tea or hot cocoa, plus a special treat is a little gesture that means a lot.
  2. Pampering Self Care Goodies. We're talking bath bombs, shower steamers, luxurious lotions, and more.
  3. Snacks Galore! Everyone loves snacks, and even in the most stressful times they are a necessity.
  4. A Candle + Tea and Treats. The candle and tea combo brings soothing vibes that are sometimes missing in stressful times. And treats are beloved by all!
  5. A Balanced Assortment. This is great if you don't know someone super well but want to let them know you care. 
  6. A Personalized Gift Box. Hand-pick products that you know they'll love to create the perfect personalized care package.

1. A Cozy Drink + Sweet Treats

Coffee, tea, and some of our customer's favorites (sweet chocolates and salt caramels) is a classic combination. And we love the addition of the sunny pen that proclaims "Have A Nice Day!". This is a great gift for anyone who could use a little pick me up. Find it here.

Colorado Care Packages |  A Cozy Drink + Sweet Treats


2. Pampering Self Care Goodies

This Colorado spa experience includes everything you'd need to relax and be pampered. From a luxurious body butter and sea mineral body polish to a facial mask and an aromatic shower steamer- everything you'll find here is high quality and 100% made in Colorado. Find it here.

Colorado Care Packages | Pampering Self Care Goodies

3. Snacks Galore!

You can never have too many snacks - it's a fact. And even better when it's an assortment of locally made snacks that are unique to Colorado! These aren't your every day snacks, which makes it even more fun to sample them all. And don't forget - we even have a Gluten-Free Snack Tote by popular demand! Find it here.

Colorado Care Packages | Snacks Galore! | Gluten Free Snack Tote

 4. A Candle + Tea and Treats

We've paired an herbal calming tea with a beautiful (large!) candle by Light Provisions that smells amazing. We're such big fans of this Colorado Springs brand! Pair that with some gorgeous chocolate and a pot of luxurious body creme and you have a care package to remember! Find it here.

Colorado Care Packages | A Candle + Tea and Treats

5. A Balanced Assortment

When you don't know someone all that well, but you want to let them know you care - we have the perfect solution for you. Shop our Bestsellers Collection to find a wide array of Colorado gifts that contain a balanced assortment of sweets, snacks, drinks, and more. The Taste of Colorado (pictured below) is a best-seller...but so is the Apres Ski! These are popular with all our customers, so don't miss them! Shop our Bestsellers here.

Colorado Care Packages | Taste of Colorado Gift Tote

6. A Personalized Gift Box

On the other hand, when you know someone very very well, you know what they love and what they hate. Forget the crowd-pleasers and dive right into our Build a Box app where you can hand-pick the perfect products to create a completely customized care package! Get started here.
Colorado Care Packages | Create a Personalized Care Package
Last thing: We ship your gifts quickly! Orders are shipped within 1-2 business days, and our standard UPS Ground service will have the packaged delivered next day in the Front Range area, or in just a few days more for addresses farther away. If you need details on how to rush a gift, just drop us a note at We're always happy to do what we can to help!
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