Gift Ideas for New Colorado Residents

Posted on September 15, 2016 by Dulcie Wilcox | 0 Comments

It's a lucky person that gets to relocate to Colorado! From amazing sunny weather to unbeatable scenery, from more weekend trips and fun activities than you could ever complete to a thriving job market - we're a very fortunate state.

Some might say there's no welcome gift necessary, with perks like those. But we're a welcoming bunch and would never say no to a lovely "Welcome to Colorado" gift as icing on the cake. 

Here are some of our favorites...

I Love Colorado Gift Box ($55)

We're big fans of minimalist design, so the three Colorado product items in this box fit quite nicely with our aesthetic. The deck of playing cards features a graphic line drawing of a Colorado 14er on each card, the mug shows off a smattering of peaks, and the tea towels shows where your heart is!

I Love Colorado Gift Box

The 14er Colorado Gift Basket ($140)

Sometimes you want to welcome the whole family to Colorado. This big collection of our most popular shareable, snackable products is just the thing. It always makes a great impression, whether it's sent to a hotel room during the interview process or is waiting for someone in their temporary corporate housing. The perfect way to show off the best side of Colorado!

Colorado Coffee Box ($45)

A bag of super fresh, super high quality beans - carefully roasted by the husband/wife team of Matt & Katie in Longmont, CO - paired with a Colorado Coffee Mug. Simple and welcoming - the perfect treat for a new Colorado resident coffee lover.

Colorado Coffee Gift Box


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