Field Notes: San Juan Mountains

August 05, 2020

Moody Colorado Views - San Juan Mountains

Words and Photography by Casey McCallister

As the shopping malls and parking lots expand further and further out, these days it seems more difficult than ever to find a place that is truly wild. Colorado's San Juan mountains are still one of those places. In southwest Colorado you'll find some of Colorado's most rugged landscapes and plenty of adventure to go along with it. Each autumn, the aspen trees explode a vibrant yellow and a subtle chill in the atmosphere makes any campsite nap nothing less than perfect. Above all, the San Juans remind me that I am small and a hike through the steep peaks with only the sound of silence reinforces that life's complications are miniscule in scale.

Colorado's San Juan Mountains - overlook

Aspen Grove in Colorado's San Juan Mountains

Colorado Vista - San Juan Mountains

Waterfall in San Juan Mountains - Colorado

In addition to being a landscape photographer, Casey is the maker behind the coasters available in our shop. They're solid walnut and each features a topographical map of a beloved Colorado 14er. On the back of each coaster you'll find the name of the peak and its elevation.

Last but not least, for more beautiful photography, check out his instagram feed @caseymac

Colorado topographical coasters - solid walnut

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