Artisan Profile: Kelly & Matilda of Adventurist Backpack Co.

March 10, 2022

Artisan Profile: Adventurist Backpack Co (Kelly & Matilda)

We first met Kelly & Matilda about a year ago when a corporate client of ours was searching for backpack for a project. Our mutual friend Simi of Muddy Mint had just mentioned them on Instagram and the post caught our eye...their line of bags and backpacks was exactly what we were looking for! We reached out, and the rest is history. We just love being a part of this community of local small business, and we are big fans of the work Kelly and Matilda are doing with Adventurist Backpacks. Read on to learn more about their origin story...
1. How did you get started? What were your first steps and how did it evolve from there?
My wife Matilda and I started Adventurist Backpack Co. in late 2017, with a mission to design minimalist backpacks for travel and the outdoors. We wanted to create a backpack with the minimalist style of Matilda's home country of Sweden, while using high-quality materials suited for the Colorado lifestyle (that didn't break the bank). We started out by selling online through our website and have since been picked up by 100+ retailers across the country. We have also been fortunate enough to have our backpacks featured in Outside Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, Vogue, Forbes, Washington Post, and more.

2. How did you come up with your name?
We wanted our name to be simple and to be able to describe our company as soon as people heard the name. We thought that the word "Adventurist" really fit the spirit of what we were trying to do in designing backpacks for travel, the outdoors, and other everyday adventures. To us, being an Adventurist is someone willing to say yes to new experiences, and someone who gets out and enjoys life to the fullest whether it's on a big trip or back at home. The name was suggested by either Matilda or I early on, and it kind of just stuck!

3. Tell us about your workspace!
We do most of our work from home, so typically we'll set up our laptops on the couch or the dining room table (for some reason we never end up working from the office), and take breaks throughout the day to go to the gym, eat lunch, etc.
It's not really glamorous at all, but owning our own company does definitely let us have a flexibility in our schedule that allows us to get out and hike, travel, etc whenever we want to, plus we work remotely when we travel so a lot of times that means we're working from a hotel lobby or in our room in the morning or evening.

4. Do you have a favorite review or comment about your products?
One review that we're extra proud of comes from an article that we were fortunate enough to be featured in for Outside Magazine where they called our Weekender backpack "perfect for the minimalist traveler". But the reviews that mean the most to us are the ones that come directly from customers and that they've taken the time to leave on our website, as cheesy as it sounds!
Customer Review Adventurist Backpacks

5. What’s your favorite product you sell?
My personal favorite product is our Sidekick crossbody bag. I wear it literally every day - it's where I keep my wallet, keys, etc. so it's really convenient for any situation. We do have a new sling bag coming out this summer though, so it's very possible that my go to bag switches to that when it's ready!

6. Are there any great local artisans that you’re into right now?
Our friend Danielle Maphies designs and makes small-batch handmade jewelry from her home in Breckenridge. We love the minimalist and natural elements to her designs which are also very reminiscent of western U.S. style.
Check out her jewelry website, Rising Moon Trading Co
Rising Moon - handmade jewelry from Breckenridge Colorado

7. Do you have a favorite local restaurant?
Our favorite local spot is a Japanese restaurant called Domo. The food is the best we've personally ever had, and the ambience of the courtyard garden is perfect for spring and summer months. We also are big fans of the happy hour at Ace Eat Serve on 17th, as well as brunch tapas at Tamayo on Larimer Square.
Domo Restaurant Denver ColoradoPhotos of Domo, courtesy of

8. What’s your favorite thing about Colorado?
Our favorite thing about Colorado is the blend of beautiful nature and awesome urban life. Living in Denver, we love being less than an hour away from amazing hiking, but also love the city and having access to so much variety in restaurants, shops, concerts, bars, and entertainment.
Thank you so much Kelly and Matilda for sharing your story with us! 
You can shop their entire catalog on their website, and we offer their classic backpack in navy on our website, both in Build A Box and in our Souvenir Shop.
Adventurist Backpacks - based in Denver Colorado


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