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Client Closing Gifts in Colorado

Client Closing Gifts in Colorado

Looking for a unique and memorable client closing gift for Colorado? We selectively source high quality local goods, so you can easily share gifts that make a big impression. We'll guide you through some of our most popular client closing gift collection ideas & inspiration in this article. And of course, we always offer fast and low cost shipping (we're no Amazon, but we do our best to make these special locally made goods easily accessible and shareable!)

The Breakfast at Home theme

The below selection includes our Colorado heart tea towel (which is probably our most popular keepsake/home item) along with tea and a delicious small batch granola made with dried cherries, maple syrup, and olive oil. Last but not least is an award-winning jam made with Colorado peaches. SO good, and so Colorado! 


The Eco-friendly theme 

The main focal point of this gift are the glass straws, made by a really cool local company based in Ft Collins. These are very memorable and on trend, and they make a great impression. We've chosen to pair these with a nice bar of local dark chocolate, a cookie butter "superfood truffle", and a little packet of savory snacks. The snacks are paleo and gluten-free, so super healthy, and they're such a fun thing to introduce people to!

The Welcome Home theme 

This collection starts with a leather pennant keychain, for those new house keys! Next comes a Colorado pint glass because sometimes it's nice to enjoy a cold drink when you get home. Pair that with two of our most popular local savory snacks - pretzel bites and beef jerky, and you've got a thoughtful and sweet Welcome Home gift form Colorado.


The Colorado Adventure theme

A Colorado adventure starts with a quirky cool guidebook - this one is made by Wildsam. Next your clients will need to stay hydrated in our dry, high elevation climate so we've included a handsome black matte water bottle. Two little snacks - one savory and one sweet - round out this gift collection.

The Cozy at Home theme

We are totally in love with all the ceramics made by Sean of Fenway Clayworks. Everything he creates is a work of art. We selected two bud vases for our shop - one is black & tea, the other is a neutral white. These make for such thoughtful keepsakes for a new homeowner, and they're especially unique because they are handmade in Denver! We've paired a vase, below, with a packet of local tea and some delicious salted caramels. The Vista Box, $66


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