Rocky Mountain Chocolate

January 31, 2020

Are you searching for authentic Rocky Mountain Chocolate? If you want the real deal - a large variety of artisan chocolate made locally, then you've come to the right place! We selectively source high quality chocolates from around Colorado, bringing them together into one shop so you can easily shop & share the best.

Authentic Rocky Mountain Chocolate

Read on to learn more about our favorite chocolates made here in Colorado. Whether your need to send a unique chocolate gift or want to try the best of Rocky Mountain chocolates for yourself, here are our hand-picked favorites. 

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Chocolove Chocolates

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Chocolove was founded by Timothy Moley based on his dream to take care of people and share a little something to brighten any day. Chocolove creates a huge assortment of flavored bars and nut butter cups, and is a very popular local favorite. 

Cultura Craft Chocolate

Based in Denver, Cultura was founded by Damaris Ronkanen and inspired by visits to her family's hometown in Mexico. Cultura specializes in Latin American bean-to-bar chocolate bars and recently won a Good Food Award for their 70% Haiti varietal! 

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Dieter's Chocolate

Based in Denver in a shop in the University of Denver neighborhood, Dieter's has thrived for three decades. They specialize in beautiful truffles, bars, and bark. Adrienne, the current owner, purchased the chocolate shop after working there under the original owner for 15 years.

Fortuna Chocolate

Three friends traveled the world, explored, and learned about chocolate's origins in Mexico (in a very quick nutshell). When they returned to Boulder, they launched Fortuna Chocolate and have been creating innovative chocolates ever since - both single origin as well as blends featuring peak season local ingredients like Colorado raspberries, mint grown in the Denver Botanic Gardens, and Palisade peaches.

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Robin Chocolates

Robin Autorino is an award winning chocolatier and has been named by Dessert Professional as one of the Top Ten Chocolatiers in North America. After 14 years of service in the Navy, Robin decided to pursue her passion for patisserie and chocolate, and after years of training in esteemed institutions like the Flagstaff House and The Brown Palace Hotel, Robin launched her own chocolate shop. Her artistry and expertise with flavors is easy to see in her truffles and other confections.  

Enstrom Chocolates

Dating back to 1919 when Chet Enstrom first began learning the art of candy-making, this local institution spans four generations and is based in Grand Junction, Colorado. They are most well known for almond toffee, but also create chocolates, truffles, and more.

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Lift Chocolate

Based in Boulder, Lift is owned by Brandon Busch, a former helicopter pilot in the US Marine Corp. Lift specializes in both unique and classic flavor combinations - some of the most popular flavors include Cherry Fennel, Raspberry, and Cappuccino.

DAR Chocolate

Based in Denver and founded by a couple who were inspired to learn about chocolate during an extended visit to Costa Rica, DAR Chocolate specializes in bars of fine chocolate: 2 ingredient single origin bars (just cacao and sugar) as well as flavored bars (coffee, coconut milk, lemongrass ginger).

Daydream Nourishing Desserts 

Based in Boulder, Daydream Dessert is an organic, plant-based, vegan, and paleo friendly dessert company. They specialize in superfood truffles, healthy candy bars, and chocolate butters.


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